On many occasions, we wonder how the Solid forklift tires should be. The answer is clear and concise: the tires of a forklift have to be of quality. A good tire is essential so that we can get maximum productivity at work.

It is true that today companies try to cut everywhere and any savings they can get on the tires is always susceptible to be considered. But in the safety and productivity of forklifts, having quality tires is of vital importance. The solid forklift tires manufacturer who follows all standard safety and quality norms can be the good options to buy forklift tires. So we should not be confused by some offers that certain manufacturer makes with cheap import tires, which apparently are the same qualities and performance as the quality tires for forklifts.

At first glance, no differences are noted. Moreover, it is possible that even the most experienced truck driver does not notice the slightest difference between one with good tires and one with low-quality tires, especially when the truck is empty, i.e. no load.

But problems arise when we load the truck with maximum capacity. This is the real test. When we do not have quality tires, forklifts do not move in a straight line but tend to go to the sides.

Safety is paramount and tires are a key element in safeguarding the integrity of workers. The normal thing when the trucks do not have quality tires is that the vehicle suffers in the accelerations, in the brakes, and that the driver has the sensation that it loses the control of the machine.

The condition and quality of the tires are especially important in so far as the conditions and the condition of the warehouse surface are acceptable for the job. According to some studies, the difference between having a quality tire or a low-end tire can translate into a productivity improvement of up to 14% for each shift, according to some tests performed.

In addition to greater efficiency, it manufacturer that quality and good tires can help you significantly reduce fuel consumption, as well as the pauses you have to make between load and load.